Our Chapter

Information about our Chapter:

Size: We are classified as medium sized Chapter, and each Chapter size offers unique opportunities for its members. The advantages to having a membership size around 50-60 include opportunities to get involved in positions within the house immediately. In addition to this, relationships with the members are much easier to form, and you aren’t just another face in the crowd, you get to know the members better and quicker. These are only a few of the advantages, and you will find that there are many more along the way.

Ideals & Values: Men’s college fraternities were all founded with one goal in mind: to mentor men to being better individuals.  That’s what membership in our chapter is all about as well.  From new member education all the way to the time of graduation, our members are constantly pushed and challenged by each other to become all around better men.  The areas we focus on excelling in are scholarship, leadership, friendship, and philanthropy.  We put our members in a position to succeed in these areas, and it is their job to seize those opportunities and live up to the ideals of Theta Chi.

Our fraternity’s motto is “The Helping Hand.”  As members of Theta Chi, we are always seeking out new ways to exemplify our motto in areas of service to others. Philanthropy and community service are some of the main focal points of our Chapter, and our membership prides themselves on our continued representation in philanthropic and service events. We look for members who are quick to put others needs above their own, and are passionate about helping others.

Our fraternity’s maxim is “Alma Mater First, and Theta Chi for Alma Mater.” The Maxim is used in our chapter to emphasize our commitment to the missions and purpose of Iowa State University.  We are all students at Iowa State to get a college degree, and believe that school work should be a priority over the affairs of our chapter. We also believe that our members share a lifelong responsibility to be active participants in campus affairs and their local communities.  We want our members to experience much more than what lies within the walls of our chapter, and represent Alpha Mu in a positive manner at Iowa State.

Our Brotherhood: We believe that a true brother of Theta Chi is someone who exemplifies the values of our Fraternity, is responsible, and projects these values onto others.

A few examples of what a brother is…

  • Someone who understands that through his example, leadership, brotherhood, and voting in the best interests of Theta Chi, he is setting an example for others.
  • Responsible in his obligations to the Chapter, academic responsibilities, and actively supports Chapter functions.
  • Makes scholarship a priority and understands that while individual academic achievement cannot be legislated, it can and should be encouraged, developed, and recognized.
  • Makes The Helping Hand a reality by assisting others when they ask for assistance or when it is apparent that they need assistance. He also looks for opportunities to help others and does not require thanks, recognition, or rewards for his actions.
  • Knows that being a brother requires courage to do the right thing and that sometimes the right thing is the most difficult thing to do.

Local Fast Facts:

  • Alpha Mu Chapter of Theta Chi at Iowa State University
  • Founding Date: December 22nd, 1922
  • Chapter house burned down in 1996
  • Thanks to generous alumni support, the chapter house was rebuilt in 1997
  • Location: 219 Ash Avenue, Ames, IA
  • Total Initiates: 1,300+