Chapter House

Our Chapter House is located at 219 Ash Ave, Ames, Iowa. Being built in 1997, our facility is the newest in all of Greekland at Iowa State. The house is a four floor building with a capacity of 40. Our chapter basement is a mostly open area where we have our weekly chapter meetings and is also home to our laundry room, computer lab, and storage rooms. The first floor of the house hosts our formal area, kitchen, dining area and library. Our house director’s apartment is located on first floor as well. The second and third floors of the house are where all the undergraduate students reside.


  • Whole house air conditioned
  • Cable TV hook-up in every room
  • High Speed wireless internet
  • Kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator & toaster oven
  • 60″ TV & pool table in the basement
  • Sand volleyball court & BBQ grill outside
  • Free laundry
  • Free parking
  • Alcohol free house

Cold Airs

The cold air style sleeping room is filled with bunk beds where each member sleeps. Each member is assigned to a bed in the sleeping room on the floor they live on. The windows are always open in the room, all year round, hence the name Cold Airs. While unique to many new members, this is done to help prevent sickness from spreading throughout the membership.

Study Rooms

The study rooms are the actual room each member lives in. Each room comes with a desk with shelves, a chair, and a wardrobe. On both of those floors there are two types of study rooms, two member and three member.Sleeping in Cold Airs as opposed to having individual beds in each study room helps us save a lot of much needed space for our belongings.


We have the company Greek House Chefs prepare our meals in-house and altogether provide 13 meals per week. Our chef prepares lunch and dinner for us Monday – Thursday, and lunch on Fridays. We also have one meal on Saturday and Sunday each weekend. Meals are served in a Family Style fashion, and we all sit down together and have dinner each week night.

Alcohol Free Housing: Substance Free Housing

Substance Free Housing accommodates both students who desire a substance free environment and those choosing a substance free lifestyle. Brothers that wish to live in a substance free environment agree not to smoke, consume alcohol, use illicit drugs, or bring any of these substances into the Substance Free House

Benefits of Substance Free Housing:

  • A renewed focus on the values and ideals that Theta Chi was founded upon and an increased ability to live our values on a daily basis.
  • Alcohol free housing slows the deterioration of Theta Chi chapter facilities and, in the process, creates a safer living environment.
  • Being alcohol free has drastically slowed the rise of liability insurance rates and has reduced accidents in chapter facilities.
  • A an environment more conducive to academic achievement which meets the academic needs of today’s college man and tomorrow’s leaders.
  • No risk of hazing.
  • Reduced peer pressure to drink.
  • Improved public image and community relations.
  • Increased alumni involvement, participation, contributions and support.
  • Increased parental and faculty involvement and support.
  • Combat the alcohol dominated culture existing on college campuses and within the Greek community; as well as, a reduction in binge drinking.

What does alcohol free mean?

The Fraternity’s Alcohol Free Housing Initiative does not attempt to tell our members not to drink or enforce a “prohibition” policy on our chapters. Members, of legal age, are entitled to their rights as 21 year-olds to consume alcohol, just not on chapter property.